We at PSPS Legal Support Inc. Services have been providing high quality protective services to Celebrities, Heads of State, VIP's and Major Corporations since 1996.

we're more than just A Security company 


We understand that "Executive Security" is as much a part of the "Customer Service Industry" as it is the Protective Services Industry.


We pride ourselves on being the most innovative company in the US when it comes to providing: Executive Protection, Security Escorts, and High Risk Employee Terminations. Whether it be dealing with an irate employee, conducting a sensitive child custody transfer, purchasing a high value item or escorting a business person for a hostile takeover the only number to call is:                             1-617-846-7130

No business is an island – We also offer our services in: Santiago & Santo Domingo RD as well as Port au Prince Haiti.

In Addition: We are always looking for complementary services to offer our clients. Feel free to contact us with your ideas.



Don't let your company or you fall into​ a legal quagmire by maintaining a hostile work environment


High Risk Employee Terminations

Are you concerned how an employee may react to being notified of their termination? 

Have they displayed violent tendencies in the past.


Have you or your employees been subjected to veiled threats or abusive behavior?

  • Executive Protection
  • Security Drivers
  • Security Escorts
  • High Risk Employee Terminations
Protective Services

OUR Staff:

All of our operative are hand picked and specially trained from the finest people available. All are seasoned professionals with years of experience in the military, police, corrections and corporate security industries. All team member are supervised by a Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council Certified Crime Prevention Officer  and are trained in conflict and legal liability avoidance.